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Branding ... takes patience

Branding is the underlying structure of all marketing campaigns. While a brand is made up of the name, logo, and tagline among other things; branding is how those elements are shown to the public and how it interacts with the public. When branding is used consistently, brand recognition is achieved over time. This consistency is achieved by having an Identity Standards Manual which outlines rules for the company logo, usage of the logo, colors, fonts, styles, etc.

BW3's is one of my personal favorite brands. They take branding very seriously. Whether you are at their restaurant, on their website, viewing a marketing ad it all carries the same color themes, fonts, boldness, and written with a sporty attitude. Even their wet napkins are branded with a sassy statement that shouts, sports bar. Attention to details you may miss but just as important is the attitude of the staff, the attire they wear, and sports radio in the bathroom all round out the brand experience.

I find many companies have ADD and get bored with consistency and predictability , but if you want to truly have a strong recognizable trust worthy brand, you have to protect it and nuture it over the long haul.

Marketing departments are usually in stewards (protectors) of the brand. It is important that leadership respect this role and encourages branding guidelines be followed as directed by a brand manual. New creations need to be assessed and ask the question "Does it feel like "us?" "If it was in a room with a dozen other brochures or ads, can you quickly find ours.

BW3 - you can certain tell from a mile away it's their stuff.

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