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Helping investors realize the potential of an idea. I have worked on many prototype projects to help health care entrepreneurs communicate their complex ideas to investors.


Jim LaValle R.Ph., MS., CCN is a respected clinician in the functional medicine industry who after years of practice discovered The Metabolic Code. Based on his book Cracking the Metabolic Code he describes a patient assessment model that united symptoms and advanced metabolic blood testing to reveal organ systems with metabolic imbalances. Treating these imbalances nutritionally and measuring results through blood monitoring resulted in improve health for his patients.  


His vision was to develop a algorithmic software application called The Metabolic Code System that would allow health care practitioners to quickly assess patients using the Metabolic Code principles and generate a report that would prioritize which organ system, called triads, is being affected. Our collaboration uncovered five triads of three organ systems that are codependent on each other metabolically. If one organ in the triad shows an imbalance typically another organ system is stressed resulting in patient systems. The goal is to identify the organ systems and prioritize which ones are in need of repairing. 


The examples above are the conceptual output results of the Metabolic Code application I developed. This ability to tell the story of the application and demonstrate a patient report secured 65 million dollars in venture funding. 


The Metabolic Code application is complete and being marketed to practitioners.

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